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Arctic Refuse LLC is a locally owned and operated Waste Company, specializing in Commercial Waste Pick-up. We can offer your business or multi-family rental properties a garbage plan that fulfills your particular needs. We take pride in serving Alaskans and our community. Whether you run a small office or own a large multi-family complex, we can develop an efficient, affordable waste plan that conforms to your needs and budget.

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Arctic Refuse Makes Taking Out The Trash Easy

Arctic Refuse LLC is the premiere Alaska trash service and Anchorage waste management company. Locally owned and operated, Arctic Refuse LLC specializes in commercial waste pick-up no matter the size of your business.

Waste management is a hard fact of life for everyone, but it can be made all the more complicated for business owners, whether your business is big or small, clerical, industrial, or sales driven. Everybody has to dispose of their waste. It is unavoidable. However, astronomical fees, plans that do not fit your needs, and service that is less than great can all be avoided by doing business with a local Anchorage trash service. Arctic Refuse LLC is that trash service.

Every business is different and as a result, has different needs when it comes to trash removal. What is the ideal for one business may be a terrible idea for another. There are many factors that determine what your waste removal needs are, including location, resources, the type of waste being removed, and the quantities of waste that require removal and relocation. Arctic Refuse LLC works with local business owners to determine what trash removal plan serves their needs the best. Pick-up can be arranged for one day a week or multiple days a week or even on an as needed basis to make the waste removal requirement one that does not interfere with the more important day to day running of your business.

Your local Anchorage waste management company, Arctic Refuse LLC, is ready, willing, and fully equipped to handle trash removal services for office buildings, shopping centers, apartment complexes, schools, and medical facilities. Regular waste removal is an essential aspect of your business that benefits and protects those around you. When waste is not properly removed in a timely manner, not only is it an unsightly eyesore, but it smells and reduces the property values of your buildings and those around you, which can lead to antagonistic relationships with your fellow neighbors and business owners.

However, the most important aspect of improper waste removal is that it is just plain unhealthy. Prolonged piles of untended trash and waste attract animals and vermin which are often carriers of disease and illness. Larger animals, drawn from their native habitats by easily accessible food sources, pose a danger to society as many of these animals which are drawn from their element are skittish and scared, prone to attack or panic. In their haste, these animals can often destroy personal and commercial property, including breaking windows, ruining automobiles, peeling away siding and paneling, and causing accidents as they wander into heavily trafficked or residential areas. Alaska is stunning and flourishing with vibrant wildlife, but it does a disservice to the city and the animals that do not belong in the crowded city limits, to draw them into disaster with improper waste management.

Not every animal or organism drawn by excess waste is large or openly destructive, however. Mice, raccoons, cockroaches, and flies are all drawn to the easy pickings of a poorly maintained dumpster or trash area. While smaller and less prone to causing chaos in their accidental surroundings, many of these animals and insects are known disease carriers and an abundance of mice and cockroaches spotted on site will cause any health or food service business to face severe social stigma and possible judicial punishment. These sentiments and stigmas can lead to a loss of business or business license altogether, not including the personal turmoil of knowing that your improperly maintained trash—a basic, fundamental aspect of any developed area—contributed to the compromised welfare of your customers.

Trash service can make or break a business. In today’s more environmentally minded world, conservation and cleanliness is serious business. The government is not kind to corporations that are openly negligent of their surrounding environments and business empires have been brought to their knees when news of rampant environmental damage became common knowledge. History is littered with such cautionary tales, with many of these businesses’ former locations so badly damaged by their irresponsibility, that cleanup efforts have often been ongoing for years, even decades after the initial damage was done. Orange, New Jersey and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania have seen their populations adversely affected by years of rampant pollution and irresponsible waste management. No one wants to see Anchorage, Alaska added to that list.

Local trash service powerhouse, Arctic Refuse LLC makes it easy to take the trash out. Arctic Refuse LLC is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who are driven to help you determine the easiest and most cost effective service to benefit your small or large business. Many other trash removal companies are difficult to work with. You may find that they are based outside the city or even outside the state, and due to their distance, are simply unable to accommodate your needs as they arise and incapable of understanding your own unique requirements from so far away from your home base. Arctic Refuse LLC is totally localized, with offices located in the heart of Anchorage and drivers, technicians, and office staff who are familiar with you and your business environment. Arctic Refuse LLC is proud to serve the Anchorage, Alaska area and offer services that fit the unique needs of each and every business owner.

Dumpsters are primarily available in two, three, four, five, and six yard varieties; however, for those businesses that require a special, custom sized refuse container, the experts at Arctic Refuse LLC are more than capable of adapting to your needs. If you already own your own dumpster, Arctic Refuse LLC is ready to accommodate your removal needs using their state of the art equipment and certified drivers to get the job done and get it done right. One monthly fee covers all of your waste removal needs and lets you concentrate on the business of your business. There are never any hidden fees for Arctic Refuse LLC’s services. What you are quoted is what you are charged, so you always have peace of mind knowing that you are not overpaying and all of your needs are promptly served.

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